Monetizing Space,
Minimizing Waste.

Spacer Technologies powers the brand platforms that make it easy to rent out alternate asset space.

Ever heard of Airbnb? We're just like them, except we sell 'alternate space', like parking, storage and warehousing. We partner with global REITs, family offices, car park owners and individuals to increase asset yields, especially where yield did not previously exist. Check out a few of our partners below.

Do you have an empty property or space? Turn it into yield today.
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Operating three consumer brands in the self-storage, warehousing and parking sectors, we power a portfolio of independent marketplaces for alternate asset space. Our apps sell in over 20 cities in the United States and Australia with a quarter of a million consumers searching our platforms every month.

Why we exist
Ever searched for storage space online? Alternate asset classes like parking and warehousing have lagged behind the digital revolution. Spacer Technologies fills the on demand digital gap between owners and consumers seamlessly, so they can get on with business.
  • Global REITs
  • Family Offices & Single/Multi Site Operators
  • Individuals
  • Technology: PaaS & Hardware (Bluetooth | LPR)
  • Operations: Real Time Inventory Management (APIs)
  • Finance: Digital Payments
  • Marketing: Demand Analytics, Pricing and Promotion
  • Consumers (Enterprise & Individual)


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